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Our MLO’s

Mark Valverde

516.903.3093 valvem03(at)gmail(dotted)com  MLO # 65030

Loan Originator
Mark joined our team in 2019 as one of our off-campus Loan Originator. His comprehensive experience in the field, coupled with his bilingual skills expands our demographic in the housing market. He is a welcome addition.

James Buggenhagen

631.882.3920 jamesrbuggenhagen(at)gmail(dotted)com MLO # 28650

Loan Originator
James also joined our team in 2019 as an off-campus Loan Originator. With over a decade of experience in the mortgage and realty fields he has become a significant asset to our company. We are happy to have him with us.

Chris Ferrari

Mortgage Loan Originator
Christopher joined our team in March of 2020 as our youngest Mortgage Loan Originator. His youthful perspective and go-get-em’ attitude has proven resourceful and has helped to create a bridge between our millennial clientele and Weatherstone Mortgage. His background in business and prior expertise as a social director has also facilitated within our social platforms. He is a welcome addition to a team.

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